Chart of USA Motorcycle Driver Fatalities
We use science to understand and manage the danger of motorcycling.

Warning Sign, Motorcycling is Dangerous

The danger of driving a motorcycle in the USA:
For 2014, USA Motorcycle Driver Danger was 21.6 fatalities per 100 Million Motorcycle Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT). Motorcycles accounted for 0.66% of all vehicle VMT, but 14.1% of all fatalities. Motorcycle Driver Danger does not fluctuate much year-to-year, regardless of mitigation tactics.

Danger of motorcycling to society in the USA:
For 2015, USA Motorcycle Societal Danger is 15.7 Motorcycle Crash Fatalities per Million General Population. Societal Danger in 2015 was much higher than in past years when the danger was below 8 Fatalities per Million Population.

Nobody Told Me Motorcycles Are So Dangerous

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CHARTS: Crash Fatalities per Population, USA and By State, Rolling 5-year Average

We do not promote or discourage using motorcycles, we promote making informed choices.

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