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Although motorcycle drivers and passengers (Motorcyclists) are fatally injured 27 times more often per vehicle than car drivers and passengers (Motorists), this fact understates the danger of riding upon motorcycles. This understatement happens because the occupancy per vehicle of cars is so much higher than motorcycles. Cars carry many more, and more frequently carry, passengers. The occupancy of cars is about 1.5 times that of motorcycles. This means that riding on a motorcycle is about 38 times more dangerous than riding in a car, per person! (38 times is the USA 5-year average.)


Warning Sign, Participating in Motorcycling may lead to serious injury or death.  Enjoy Responsibly


Nobody Told Me Motorcycles Are So Dangerous
A paper on understanding the danger of motorcycling in the USA


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The one fact you must know before you decide to operate a motorcycle on public roadways: In fatal motorcycle crashes, the motorcycle is almost always the striking vehicle. In 40% of the crashes the motorcycle was the ONLY vehicle. You should also become aware of Inattentional Blindness before you choose to ride on motorcycles in traffic.


Licensed/Endorsed Motorcycle Driver Fatalities can be reduced.  Click here for the Six NMI Talking Points


Recommendations to the USA States for reducing motorcyclist fatalities: The Six NMI Talking Points



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About 86% of all motorcycle drivers killed had a motorcycle endorsement (73% Valid+Endorsed and 13% not valid but endorsed). Only 14% did not have an endorsed license (27% not valid minus 13% not valid but endorsed). This is the result when you include all motorcycle drivers killed with a motorcycle endorsed license, whether or not the license is Suspended, Expired, Revoked, Foreign, or Valid. Please learn the difference between the terms “Endorsed” and “Valid.” For example, in 2015, 13% of the Motorcycle Driver fatalities had an Endorsed License that was Suspended, Revoked, or Foreign whereas 14% of the Motorcycle Driver fatalities did not have an endorsement. When the suspended/revoked endorsements are added to the non-endorsed fatalities, the result is 27% “Not Valid,” as published by NHTSA. It is important to remember about one half the “Not Valid License” count included those who had possessed a motorcycle endorsement.


Motorcycle License Endorsed Versus Not-Endorsed Tombstone Image


Learn the difference between the terms Endorsed and Valid. USA Motorcycle Drivers Fatally Injured
Endorsed-But-Not-Valid-License Comparison


There are over 150 Other Vehicles using the road for every single motorcycle!


When scientifically evaluating any aspect of motorcycles and public roadways, it is important to recognize that there are very few motorcycles compared to the number of other vehicles. For example, annually, there are more than 150 other vehicles on the road for every single motorcycle!


Chart of USA Driver Fatalities: Motorcycle, Passenger Vehicle, Percentage


Blue Chart: Motorcycle Drivers Fatally Injured, 5 Year Average
Green Chart: Passenger Vehicle Drivers Fatally Injured, 5 Year Average
Yellow Chart: Percent of Motorcycle Drivers Killed went from 8% to over 20%


This data analysis that shows that driving a motorcycle is 38 times more dangerous than driving a car!


It is an astounding 38 times more dangerous to drive a motorcycle than a car!



We do not promote or discourage using motorcycles, we promote making informed choices.

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