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Cartoon, people prefer comforting lies to unpleasant truths.


It is Time to Change Rider Education to Focus on Mental Qualities, Emphasizing Respect and Judgment


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Warning Sign, Participating in Motorcycling may lead to serious injury or death.  Enjoy Responsibly

Nobody Told Me Motorcycles Are So Dangerous
A paper on understanding the danger of motorcycling in the USA


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The one fact you must know before you decide to operate a motorcycle on public roadways: In fatal motorcycle crashes, the motorcycle is almost always the striking vehicle. In 40% of the crashes the motorcycle was the ONLY vehicle. You should also become aware of Inattentional Blindness before you choose to ride on motorcycles in traffic.


Licensed/Endorsed Motorcycle Driver Fatalities can be reduced.  Click here for the Six NMI Talking Points


Recommendations to the USA States for reducing motorcyclist fatalities: The Six NMI Talking Points


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Items for civil servants and government agencies to consider adding to training course materials regarding motorcycling and motorcyclists.


We do not promote or discourage using motorcycles, we promote making informed choices.

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