When evaluating engineering solutions to reduce the danger, it is important to recognize that motorcycle use and exposure is dramatically less than that of other vehicles. For example annually, there are more than 150 other vehicles on the road for every single motorcycle!

Scientific American Article on Self-driving Taxis, we will see these soon!

Cell phone and Texting Distracted Driving Countermeasure:

We must stop using the term cell phone or texting when talking about distracted drivers. We now have smart-devices that have many apps on them. One of the apps allows for voice communication. This app is rarely used. Another app is texting. Another is maps or gps. And there are many other apps that can be used and are distracting to drivers. At NMI we are always using the scientific method, and being more precise with terms is beneficial. If a person is using their smart-device, with whatever app, while driving, they are distracted!

For many who use texting regularly, when hearing or seeing a text notification on our mobile phone, it is difficult to control the urge to read and respond to the text, even while driving. There are now Apps that automatically detect when the phone is in a moving car and, when a text is received, can silence the phone and send and automatic response to the sender of the text that you are currently driving and you will text them when you have stopped and can move your attention to the phone.

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Intelligent Vehicles:
Although this section can be placed under “Vehicle Engineering,” it is so important and extensive that we will give it its own category. This area will include driverless cars, and more.

Road Engineering
Reducing collisions for all vehicles has been achieved through improvements to road engineering.

Vehicle Engineering:
We are familiar with the great strides made in passenger vehicles design and manufacture that has led to a reduction in danger of operating these vehicles. Seat Belts, safety glass, air bags, crumple zones, traction control, and more have lead to dramatic reductions in the fatality data for passenger vehicles.

In this section we will explore and investigate what motorcycle engineering is and/or can be implemented to reduce the danger for motorcycle drivers. For example, tire air pressure monitoring systems, anti-lock brake systems, etc.