Our mission is to reduce the fatality rate and morbidity (disabling-injury) rate for motorcyclists.


  • Properly define and measure appropriate fatality and morbidity rates.
    See Data Page
  • Encourage behaviors that decrease these rates; discourage behaviors that increase these rates.
    See Behaviors Page
  • Provide and maintain motorcycle rider education curriculum that is open and is free to copy, distribute, and use.
    See Training Page
  • Maintain objectivity through careful monitoring of funding, minimizing and eliminating conflicts of interests of our funding sources with our mission. We carefully maintain our 501(c)(3) Educational and Charitable Status. *See Below.

*”Unlike business corporations, which have shareholders and stockholders who are “owners” of the corporation, there is no stock, no shares and no “owners” in nonprofit corporations. The money and assets of 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations like National Motorcycle Institute (NMI) are considered public funds, and the members of its Board of Directors are considered “trustees” of its funds on behalf of the public. The directors and officers of a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization like NMI are not the owners of the organization, and they have no right to use or take any of the organization’s funds or assets. They are there to serve the organization and the needs of the public.” – David Atkin, Attorney, Director, Center for Nonprofit Law