We use science to understand and manage the danger of motorcycling.


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NMI Punch List
Items for civil servants, government agencies, and the general public to consider when evaluating motorcycling and motorcyclists.


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A Short Primer on Scientific Method
According to the scientific method, a theory must fulfill three criteria. First, its claims must be testable; second, its explanations must be difficult to vary; and finally, its test results must be truthfully reported.


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RECOMMENDATIONS to the USA States for reducing Fatal Motorcycle Crashes: The Six NMI Talking Points


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Twopers and Flirters We suggest to leave the Twopers alone. Flirters need to be informed, accurately, about the dangers of riding motorcycles on public roadways and the great difficulty it is in attempting to mitigate the danger.


Cover, Nobody Told Me That Motorcycles Are So Dangerous

Nobody Told Me That Motorcycles Are So Dangerous
A paper on understanding the danger of motorcycling in the USA


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The one fact you must know before you decide to operate a motorcycle on public roadways: In fatal motorcycle crashes, the motorcycle is almost always the striking vehicle. In 40% of the crashes the motorcycle was the ONLY vehicle.


He Had Both A Motorcycle Endorsement and No Valid Motorcycle License

The Problem with Driver Status and Endorsement Compliance
as a Countermeasure to the Danger of Motorcycling

An explanation of why rider training proponents might not understand
what the FARS table category
“No Valid Motorcycle License” includes or doesn’t include.


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Before you deicide to ride, learn about the phenomenon of Blindness While Paying Attention (Inattentional Blindness, Change Blindness, etc.)
And learn about,
motorcycles driven legally and responsible are easy to see, 7. Triple-L (Legal Lights Lighted!).


An example of data and statistics: Pennsylvania


An example of evaluating tactics through data and statistics: Pennsylvania


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NMI Punch List
Items for civil servants and government agencies to consider adding to training course materials regarding motorcycling and motorcyclists.


2016 Motorcyclist Fatality Data Button

2016 Motorcyclist Fatalities by Motorcycle Type or .jpg Format

2016 Motorcyclist Fatalities, by State Alphabetical, with 5 Year Average Comparison.   or Page 1 .jpg Format   and Page 2 .jpg Format

2016 Motorcyclist Fatalities, Endorsement Compliance and License Status of Motorcycle Driver Invovled in the Crash Almost all motorcycle drivers involved in fatal crashes had a motorcycle endorsement.   or .jpg Format


NMI Graduated Driver License (GDL) System

The National Motorcycle Institute (NMI) Training/Licensing System reduces motorcycle driver Fatalities. This is a basic Graduated Drivers License type of system, intended to be administered by civil servants. It is based on the permit-then-endorsement system previously used in the USA that separated training from endorsement testing. This two-step system is still used by most states for passenger vehicle driver licensing. The two-step Motorcycle Learner-Permit-Then-Endorsement System was well established, prior to the motorcycle industry’s Beginner-Training-License Waiver system that is now in use in many states. The NMI system emphasizes an “Opt-Out” feature to allow new motorcyclists a guilt-free way to discontinue training. Here is the detailed explanation of the flowchart: 6. Graduate through the stages of learning in a progressive manner.


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The DangerOmeter

Tables explaining the Four Danger Measures Driver Danger has to do with “Exposure” and Societal Danger has to do with “Participation.”

More about Driver and Societal Danger


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Occupant Example: Comparing Motorcycle and Bus Occupant Danger

Driver Example: Comparing Motorcycle and Truck Driver Danger

All-Vehicles Driver Example: Comparing Motorcycle and All Drivers, Any Vehicle Body Type Relative Danger


This data analysis that shows that driving a motorcycle is 38 times more dangerous than driving a car!


It is an astounding 38 times more dangerous to drive a motorcycle than a car!


Cartoon, people prefer comforting lies to unpleasant truths.


It is Time to Change Rider Education to Focus on Mental Qualities, Emphasizing Respect and Judgment


Motorcycle License Endorsed/Not-Endorsed Tombstone Image

About 86% of all motorcycle drivers killed had a motorcycle endorsement (73% Valid+Endorsed and 13% not valid but endorsed). Only 14% did not have an endorsed license (27% not valid minus 13% not valid but endorsed). This is the result when you include all motorcycle drivers killed with a motorcycle endorsed license, whether or not the license is Suspended, Expired, Revoked, Foreign, or Valid. Please learn the difference between the terms “Endorsed” and “Valid.” For example, in 2015, 13% of the Motorcycle Driver fatalities had an Endorsed License that was Suspended, Revoked, or Foreign whereas 14% of the Motorcycle Driver fatalities did not have an endorsement. When the suspended/revoked endorsements are added to the non-endorsed fatalities, the result is 27% “Not Valid,” as published by NHTSA. It is important to remember about one half the “Not Valid License” count included those who had possessed a motorcycle endorsement.


Motorcycle License Endorsed Versus Not-Endorsed Tombstone Image


Learn the difference between the terms Endorsed and Valid. USA Motorcycle Drivers Fatally Injured
Endorsed-But-Not-Valid-License Comparison

2015 Motorcycle Driver Fatalities, by Endorsement (Compliance) and License Status


There are over 150 Other Vehicles using the road for every single motorcycle!


When scientifically evaluating any aspect of motorcycles and public roadways, it is important to recognize that there are very few motorcycles compared to the number of other vehicles. For example, annually, there are more than 150 other vehicles on the road for every single motorcycle!


Chart of USA Driver Fatalities: Motorcycle, Passenger Vehicle, Percentage


Blue Chart: Motorcycle Drivers Fatally Injured, 5 Year Average
Green Chart: Passenger Vehicle Drivers Fatally Injured, 5 Year Average
Yellow Chart: Percent of Motorcycle Drivers Killed went from 8% to over 20%


Warning Sign, Participating in Motorcycling may lead to serious injury or death.  Enjoy Responsibly

To summarize the facts:
1. 38 times per person-mile more dangerous.
(27 times per vehicle-mile since cars carry more passengers.)
2. The motorcycle is almost always the striking vehicle.
3. The motorcycle driver (rider-operator) typically has a Motorcycle endorsement.


We do not promote or discourage using motorcycles, we promote making informed choices.

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